Services, Specialist Advice You Can Expect from a Reliable Commercial and Industrial Cool Room Provider

Are you looking for a provider of comprehensive commercial and industrial cool room services in Australia? You’re sure to find plenty of them from one state to another, with some companies servicing different areas.

commercial and industrial cool room

This makes it harder to choose the service provider you need for your business or industry.

But there are ways to narrow down your options.

What Kind of Services Are on Offer

  • New Plant & Equipment Installation

Industrial refrigeration service is included in a commercial and industrial cool room company’s list of services. So if you plan on building a new plant, you can hire their services to design and install a refrigeration solution that will meet your business requirements.

And don’t worry about your budget because they can design a fitting system.

  • Existing Plant Refurbishments, Retrofits & Upgrades

At some point, your refrigerator system would need upgrades.

Service providers can offer several solutions, including refrigerant retrofits that will extend the overall life of equipment, decrease downtime compared to a complete overhaul, and save capital outlay.

But the biggest advantage is that retrofits can improve reliability of equipment and ensure the system complies with new environmental standards.

  • Cool Room Design & Installation

Looking to build a brewery? Have a glycol chiller brewery designed and installed to your specifications.

Specialists can design and install commercial cool rooms and freezer rooms of the highest quality standards and those that meet Australia’s environmental standards and conditions. You can be sure that the cool room designed for you will work efficiently.

  • Specialist Advice

The best commercial and industrial cool room service provider will not hesitate to provide you with advice on the various aspects that make a perfect cool room.

Cost – The best solution for your cool room needs must use the best brands and remain the most cost-effective option.

Location – The best place to install a cold room is in a secure building with minimum exposure to extreme weather conditions and the risk of flooding.

Floor design – The ultimate floor layout must take into account floor heating methods, cable connections and management, and a redundancy plan for when disaster strikes.

Insulated panel types – Insulated panels are made of different materials and are available in different thickness. The best option should contribute to a lower long-term running costs.

Door frame heating – Door frame heaters prevent ice from forming around the mechanisms that ensure doors open and close with ease. There are several cold room and freezer room doors heaters available, with each one useful for specific applications.

Cold room defrosting – ‘Defrost on Demand’ systems are highly recommended. It is important to choose the best product that will help cut energy costs and ensure efficient operation.

A reliable service provider will provide you the best advice and will ensure your business or industry will benefit from what they have to offer.

NKS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

For access to the best products, services, and specialist advice on commercial and industrial refrigeration Australia offers, contact NKS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. Their knowledge and experience in the industry will guarantee the best outcomes for your business and operational needs.

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