Corporate Branding: Creating a Brand Awareness in Japan

For years, the image of corporate Japan was always one dominated by massive corporations that had an impregnable hold on the domestic market and were hell bent on corporate acquisitions and domination of business.  On the flip-side, the other side of business Japan was that dominated by centuries-old family businesses and merchant houses with an iron grip on their customers. For many a business owner interested in setting up a business in the country or building up some brand value, the market must seem like an impregnable fortress. However, you have an excellent corporate branding partner with an excellent knowledge of the Japanese market to help you in positioning your brand and making some inroads.

Aspects of the Japanese Consumer Culture

One of the main reasons why many brands fail in the Japanese market is that they fail to understand certain aspects of the local consumer behavior that would influence the long term success of their products. This is usually dominated by the penchant for particularism. Japan probably has the most sophisticated consumers on the planet. This consumer sophistication must be taken into consideration when designing branding strategy otherwise you might just join the major lists of corporate branding campaign flops that have occurred in Japan in the recent years.

This consumer sophistication also means you must provide considerable detail and information on your products and in Japan, this is usually rooted in a vibrant and highly creative print culture. The Japanese have a great reading culture that you can easily notice in the subways and other public places. As a result printed marketing materials such as instruction guides, brochures, pamphlets and flyers must be a key part of your company branding.

Branding Matters

Branding matters in Japan and you need a professional corporate branding specialist that will help you in positioning your products in the marketplace.  Such local knowledge and expertise is what you will need to realize a sustained success in the Japanese market. The branding approach that you adopt for your products must encompass every aspect of your business including the products, advertising, visuals, and literature amongst others. It must permeate every aspect of your product experience while incorporating the unique essentials that are needed to make your product a market success.

Wellenetz Inc provides brand building services that will help your company put its feet on the doorstep of sophisticated Japanese consumers. Its corporate branding services include analysis of your company’s brand identity, competitor analysis, determination of the optimal brand identity for your company which would be most suitable for the Japanese market. The company also creates a localized web presence tailored for the local market alongside other marketing creatives such as visual displays, graphics, corporate literature and presentations. Other aspects of the company’s corporate branding entail the development of the sales process, and the formulation of marketing communications that is specially tailored for Japanese market and culture. The corporate branding services offered by Wellenetz Inc help companies adjust their marketing and branding to suit the unique cultural eccentricities of the Japanese consumers. Check out to get additional information on the company’s corporate branding services in Japan.